My birthday’s soon. I don’t know what to get. Hmmmm. What about a yoyo? Yeah, Nick, remember when you were 10 and didn’t know what to do with your time and you kept that plastic brandless yoyo which you used to unintentionally destroy the kitchen with while doing the round-the-worlds? Why don’t I ask for a yoyo again? But for a better one, of course.

And I did. For my 17th birthday I got a professional yoyo. And I’m happy with it. Hours of pointless frustration and fun. However soon after, I realized that I am at level zero, i.e. the “skills" that I thought I used to have when I was 10 are long gone. I will have to start from the bottom.
An hour or so after I opened up my present (which arrived from America in four days - right on my birthday ✌(-‿-)✌), I managed to learn the “bind" trick - a trick to make the yoyo go back up to my hand; I never thought that it would be so hard to get a yoyo to wind back up, as I have later found out there are two types of yoyos - responsive and unresponsive. I got the unresponsive one, the professional one, the one for people who want to move on from the classical responsive yoyos that are much easier to handle and begin to do complex string tricks while the yoyo “sleeps". Now I’m going to buy the beginner yoyo, as the amount of money my birthday present has cost is absurdly tremendous (for a yoyo), and I don’t want to let it all go to waste. I’ll buy the beginner yoyo and learn from the start, like normal people do.

But for now, it gives me a lot of content to perform that one trick. Therapeutic, too.

P.S. The yoyo is made by One Drop, Benchmark series, W shape.

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