Yesterday I went out to Lamden Gallery art shop to buy myself a nice, small 13mm sable brush. It cost £19.75. But I like it. It looks beautiful, too. I guess anything can look beautiful when it’s overpriced. Although expensive, sable is the best. You will know what I mean when you have used a sable brush. Funny, I still haven’t put my brush to the test. I mean I have, but I haven’t painted anything serious.

I know, I’m going to paint Stephen Fry with Hugh Laurie from the Jeeves and Wooster TV series. Such a show! The most hughlarious series I’ve ever watched. Everything else seems so lame and cheesy (yes, I’m talking to you, 21st century Hollywood comedy films!) filled to the brim with sick, disgusting innuendos and euphemisms. Nothing original. Nothing. Jim Carrey’s pathetic compared to Laurie in J&W. His over-acting and his slapstick jokes are primitive and childish, whereas Wooster is style and class. Yeah.

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