Wood Engraving

Is hard. My hands are aching after the first day using my new tools, which have wonderfully fitting, whimsical names - the Spitsticker and the Scorper. I just bought two to begin on my (painful) journey of learning the intricate art of intaglio. I also stabbed and cut myself a considerable amount of times, as the tools are very sharp. Oh well, I found that I have slight masochistic tendencies when it comes to physical pain.

My new wood engraving tools have arrived! Love it! And their names are ridiculously fantastic, too - the SPITSTICKER and the SCORPER. ✏✏✏ #wood #engraving #art #create #tools #new

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I bought a 5cm x 7.5cm student-quality birch to practice doing some engraving and a couple of plastic sheets and a 5cm x 5cm lemonwood block for something special. Very interesting! Hands aching like hell, but the sensation of cutting through wood is very therapeutic and soothing and delivers so well that you forget about the pain.

My first marks on the plastic using my new engraving tools. Very interesting! Will proceed to wood, soon. #✏ #wood #engraving #wip #testing #experiment

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