Windows, such Windows

Oh Windows, how I loathe you, how I love you! The most irritatingly useful OS ever invented. It is buggy and annoying, but very, very useful. It is essential. Just like Google or Facebook. The thing about Windows is that it is compatible with all the useful, everyday software, such as MS Office or Photoshop which are used by professionals all over the world, day and night. However, Windows is also very frustrating. It is crap. The way it works is crap. I’m not going to go into specifics, but it is, when compared to an OS like Linux.
Linux is open source code. The only, the only problem I found with it is its uncompatibility with all major, commercial software. You cannot run Photoshop or Word on it. (Ahem, you can, but very hacky and glitchy). Linux is a toy. I don’t take it as seriously as Windows or Apple’s line of Operating Systems, as it is, from a professional point of view, featureless.
Not all will agree with my opinion. Sometimes, I begin to doubt this myself; Ubuntu is very trendy, the most useable Linux distro yet, however with its user-friendliness comes the price of customizeability. Which begins to smell a bit like Windows. Of course, Arch linux is the best of all the distros. As long as you have the time, you can build a bleeding-edge OS tailored to your needs. No annoyances. Everything just like you want.

Broke Windows SAM file today. I wanted to unlock my user account using chntpw from Kali Linux Live USB. Didn’t work. I had to waste 2 hours getting it to restore to an earlier system restore point. Wheew, what a mess.

$root - whoami
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