Why Internships Suck

I’ve waited for this internship for over a year. I tried to lower my expectations of what it could end up being, but this goes beyond that. I’ve never felt so useless in my life. Are all internships like that? The past few have been all about recolouring mockups, manipulating existing designs and being an all-round coffee-drinking, mockup-printing tool. I thought this one would be different. I came here expecting to be part of a team. I have, to an extent, but that extent is so meagre that I might as well sit by the side and take the time to write up this blog post. How meta...

In the end, it’s solid experience. I can’t say that I don’t like the studio, or its multitude of experienced designers, developers and project managers. I just feel like a third wheel; it’s as if they are trying really hard to give me something to do, so much so that I feel like they’re making things up on the spot — All right, listen here, we need you to go through this excel chart and find images and sort them according to these categories, it’ll help out our colleagues a great deal. Cheers!

Fuck this bullshit. Give me something worthwhile to do 😒

Here comes an axiom which wasn’t that obvious to me before: to be valued you need a tit-for-tat relationship with your boss. Free work is just that, no responsibility and a complete lack of trust. Go sort some images and read a book about designerly things in your spare time.

I never thought I’d say this, but why don’t you take advantage of me? I’m here, I exist. I want you to beat the living shit out of me and work me till my head explodes…

Employers, eh?

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