Why Internships Don’t Suck

During the first month I was tired and angry. I felt useless and undervalued. Thank God I had the courage to address that horrible itch. My doing so didn’t eradicate that problem, but it did help with the workload; I was given something to do. My manager also told me that the lack of projects was partly due to it being summer, a time when clients gather their thoughts while they’re enjoying their holidays.

The internship had its hiccups, but it was very rewarding and a firm first step into the world of branding and corporate graphic design and illustration. I came to know and work with some brilliant and utterly patient art directors and managers. I also found out some things about myself. That I can create better-than-average looking things when given (very) tight deadlines. Something also clicked in my head in regards to logo development. I understood that this idea generation thing can be learned and improved upon through practice.

I talked to Lebedev and showed him my portfolio. Unsurprisingly, he said it was weak and that I should find a mentor. That I have a problem with anatomy. He also pointed out an issue that I’ve been putting on hold for a while. He couldn’t understand why I’ve been drawing off photos from the internet; what’s the point of creating illustrations, then, eh? Go out into the world and draw from nature. Or create your own worlds, they’re meant to be different to photographs. That’s the way to progress! I’ve sent him some of my logos, later, which he picked out for further development.

Well, I can’t say I’m not proud of myself without a smile. Getting an internship at Art. Lebedev was a huge achievement in itself.

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Why Internships Suck

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