Waltz of the Flowers

Listening to Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers after watching Memento. 23:12. Trying to cheer myself up after such an existentially depressing and overwhelming thriller. I could probably say it’s the best so far from Nolan, although Following is not so far behind.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day. I am going to London, the second-largest city (by population) in Europe. The school has organized a trip to Tate Britain. Don’t confuse it with Tate Modern, we’re not going to see crazy abstract, where most of the so-called Modern Art look like failed pieces of A-level students’ work. I have written about this before, haven’t I?

Better get to sleep. I’ll have to wake up earlier than usual. Instead, I’m listening to some funky Electronic beats. Hmm, I ordered an amazing pair of designer headphones a couple of weeks back on eBay. Still haven’t arrived. Anytime, now...

Incase Sonic headphones

$root - whoami
The Devil's Advocate

// Go back in time

Tate Britain

// To the future

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