Walking the Walk

This is part of the 101 project.

Today was a fine day. Went out on a walk with my two little bros. Here be ye post-processed photos of my arduous adventures, which were skillfully shot on a DSLR with a broken kit lens, while handling a baby buggy.

I think I overdid with the post-processing part...

It all started in the afternoon. I put on my shoes. Here’s a photo that documents this event:

Next, I went out of the door.

It’s a short journey to the park. Vanya helped me handle the buggy.

And here’s him posing for the photo.

Some depressing local scenery.

It looks very lonely. Probably, because it was going to rain very soon.

Alyosha was happy, however.

Thinking very existential thoughts, on this one.

At the end of the walk, I saw a tree.

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