VNS Cyborg

I’m a cyborg now. For real. I went to Addenbrooke’s and they switched the VNS pacemaker on (more about VNS therapy here). The device they use to communicate with my tiny pacemaker/battery is called a ‘programming wand’. ROFL, a wand! A bulky, heavy instrument that the kind doctor uses to increment and change the programmable values inside my pacemaker. I now have to come to Addenbrooke’s every month for the settings to be changed. That pacemaker switches on every 5 minutes for 30 seconds and emits a strange buzz, where I begin to feel an interesting lump in my throat, as if I haven’t completely swallowed something. Oh well, it’s a rather small price to pay if the VNS surgery will work; only 25% of the patients see a positive result.

God willing, I’ll be one of those patients.

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Valiant VNS
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