С Днем Победы!

It’s 9th of May, today - Victory Day. It’s a special day, both for me and many other Russians. My great-granddad Ivan Zelenukhin fought in the Second World War and I am very proud of that. The utter feats of courage and bravery that he manifested throughout the War, God, it’s absolutely inspiring. My only disappointment is that I never got to see him alive. My mother, however, posted an article on a famous Russian blog about him; a good read.

Throughout his life, my great-grandfather had lead a diary of the many events that have occurred throughout the War. The potential of this could be very great, I really want to dedicate a whole website to his memoirs. I’m thinking of maybe even publishing a book, combined with the efforts of my family. A translated extract from his diary -

“The gunmen under Kurtish’ command destroyed five German tanks. But the gunmen of the second cannon abandoned it and ran to the trench as soon as they saw the approaching German tanks. The nearest tank was only 200 metres away and I had no time to think so I ran to the cannon, aimed and fired. The tank stopped and caught fire. This was my first destroyed tank. I triumphed. But the most important thing is that the gunmen returned to the cannon having realised that tanks can be destroyed. They set fire to three more tanks in no time.”

Here’s a photo of him -

I’ve read many fifth-columnists across the runet, and I found an interesting piece of info (that includes sources) to disprove many Western fables about the WWII -

It’s in Russian, although I’m thinking of translating this and creating my own infographic based off the one above. In progress...

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