V for Vendetta

The film is gripping, exciting to watch and is brilliantly executed, but its idea of a dystopian world is flawed, simply because everything turns out well in the end, as it’s so often with american films.

Essentially, it’s a nicer, cuter version of Orwell’s 1984, adapted for film and with an accent on all those liberal rights that we in turn are constantly being brainwashed about in the media, nowadays. Ironic, really; a film that encourages the masses to stand up for their rights (note: liberal rights) works its magic by subtly hinting at the oppressed minorities in the world. Personally, I think that the film has went astray. But what would you expect from the Wachowskis? Its ideas are skewed and mixed. Also, have you noticed how they cleverly linked Christianity and conservatism together when reciting the big, bad totalitarian chancellor’s past? It’s like nothing good can be expected from a person who’s both Christian and a conservative, leading many to perceive such a combination as an atrocity, politically-incorrect.

That is not to say that I am wholly against the story’s principles, most of which are liberal bullshit. The core idea of the film I absolutely agree with. People should stand up and fight, but for a right cause, a cause that is worth standing up for. If you have an idea, pursue it, knowing that no army can stop an idea whose time has come (Victor Hugo said that). On the other hand, one can simply look at France and understand that they have lead this up to absurdity. It is a very liberal country and they always have students standing up for things. Right now, they’re protesting about how their work week is too long for them and how badly their employers treat them, whining on about this and that, vandalising places. That’s not fighting for a good cause. They would be better off protesting the islamisation of the First World. But one should always know the limits and have common sense.

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