I’ve made an infographic for my uncle and earned a handsome amount of money for it. For a 16 year old, that is. Spent two weeks on it, although the deadline was in one week. Personally, I didn’t like the end result; it looked far too simple, the drawings looked awkward. But, as always, the most important thing is that he liked the result. He even wants it to be printed in a magazine. Don’t get your hopes up, I say! However, the most annoying thing is that I cannot even place a Design by statement at the bottom, crediting my work. Sad face.

I have been thinking of a new design for my nick.camera website. Signed up for Dunked, a portfolio-hosting service. Yeah, I know, I don’t trust those services and it feels a bit amateurish on my side, but it seemed really nice and I really admire the guys who created it. Had a question concerning my mail configuration that I solved straight away after contacting Dunked’s support team, and then in turn explained it to them. Then they replied -

“ You get a gold star for solving this [...] I would say that your set up is more complex than 99% of other users. ”

I get a gold star, love it! I remember when I was on MediaTemple, one of the support guys told me that they “admire [my] tenacity". I guess I must’ve caused a lot of pain for them, contacting (mt)’s support guys five times every day!

Did you know that I submitted a couple of designs to Threadless? Just decided to upload my doodles. They won’t be printed, of course. I haven’t even traced them properly on Photoshop. Yes, that’s my number one priority - to learn to use Illustrator and learn how to digitalize doodles and make them look good.

I’m lethargic. Nothing’s working out. I’m drowning in deadlines and debts. I hope a one-week brake from school will help me get up from my knees. I also realized that I cannot attend a university full-time. You know, my condition. On the upside, I recently found out that it’s not all that bad - I can still get a degree by just arriving for the exams, a long-distance learning plan. It’ll also cost less.

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