Typing Viking

I have been working on my typing speed, lately. Here, see the stats for yourself:

nerdynick typeracer WPM speed

I know, I know, I’ll improve! Don’t you worry, as you can see, this is not a screenshot, but an embedded scorecard which is updated, well, immediately, meaning that you will be able to track my whole typing progress, as I become faster and faster!


God, this sounds very nerdy. Ironically, my username is nerdynick. However, I think I find typing very therapeutic. My piano lessons weren’t for nothing - now I type better!.. Well, not only for typing, playing the piano is extremely relaxing, I even get to experience, sometimes, this ecstatic, euphoric pleasure when I play the right notes, with the right dynamics and at the right time. Currently enjoying practising Ludwig Van’s Moonlight Sonata and Standchen by Franz Schubert.

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