Train of Thought

Suddenly, you sit down and begin to ride a train of inconsistent, reprehensible and wondrous thought. Food for Thought...

Listening to Rammstein, then Bach, then Beethoven, then Fischerspooner’s Never Win. You begin to think - Who are you? What’s your purpose here on Earth? Who will you become? Are you going to sit here, lackadaisically, for the rest of your petty life, freelancing, fixing orders for pathetic Indians and entrepreneurial-minded plebeian John Does? Watching two films a day and then writing non-constructive film reviews, just for the sake of writing? God, what were you thinking; you want something much, much more out of your pretentious life. You want to achieve. You want to work. You want to contribute. You want to be remembered; to be someone!

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Oh, ha-ha-ha! Wow, such a lurid, explicit cry of emotion! You wouldn’t expect much more from an ignorant 16 year old; working his way through the question of life and all. So typical.

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