To me, finding the right film to watch is always a quest. I can take hours scouring IMDb, going through their Top 250 list, looking at my recommendations, then comparing various films and contemplating over my yet-to-be-set decision of how to waste a couple of hours of my time (which I waste, anyway). Well, today I found a film to watch. Two, to be honest. And the latest from Hollywood, too - The Wolf of Wall Street and Her. I’m saving the latter for tomorrow.

Started watching the film. Watched a third. Mesmerized, fascinated, horrified by the absurdity and the lackadaisical Di Caprio. I don’t know what to think. It’s dirty, harsh, over the top, and yet at the same time so fascinating in all its lusciousness.
I paused after watching a third of the film. In all its dirty glory, I wouldn’t have paused the film to get a biscuit to eat, but no! I have another film that I’m in the middle of watching. You see, I spend almost every evening enjoying watching Soviet, educational and existensialistic films with my family, and Hollywood westerns and American classics by myself during free time. Well, yesterday I started watching Stalker with my father (too depressing for my mum) and we didn’t quite finish watching it.
Bad timing from my side, it was very hard switching moods from such a crazy-lifestyle film about degenerates to a very complicated, serious, existentialistic film about hope, faith and belief. But I managed it. After watching a bit of Hollywood crap, I was revived by Stalker, a masterpiece, Tarkovsky’s last movie. True art of cinematography. I want to re-watch his Andrei Rublev and Solaris once again.

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