I was at a party. Everybody was drunk. One drunk mate admired my sketches and told me he’d get back to me with a proposition; he liked them so much he wanted to sell them. Even though he never got back to me, I liked what he said — your art is about your story. It’s not about your skill... it’s about what you have to say that makes your work unique. That’s what you have to offer to the world.

I draw every day (going on into the night) and I don’t give up. However, I lack guidance. I have potential, and I want to realise it. When it comes down to it, I draw for the sake of drawing; I lack aim.

What do I have to say to the world? I could say the usual I want to spread my love, my passion and excitement that I feel whenever one talks of art or drawing, etc. elevator pitch, but I know I want my art to be more than that, which goes for granted. I’ll take my grandfather’s advice once again — “If you want to write, write... the thoughts will come of their own accord” — and apply this principle throughout my journey.

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