This Is England

I’m back and with a lot on my mind. Trying to keep a positive attitude, with the onsight of a start of another school year - my last school year, then university. Time flies.
The summer in Russia was a bit like fall. It wasn’t as hot, as lively. But it was fun. I had great nights out that I’ll reminisce about for the year to come.

Flying back, my neighbour by seat was a young black lady. She was typing away on her phone, making a note. I couldn’t resist the urge to skim-read what she was writing - “Such an eye-opener [...] Surprisingly, the people there were warm [...]" - Now, that’s a surprise! What about the stereotypes of the cold, brutal and merciless masses who drink vodka every day for breakfast?!

P.S. I’m into The Sopranos series, now. Love the mafia theme and the way they quote The Godfather constantly. Watching the third season.

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