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The West is trying very hard to show the Russians in bad light, to make us “the enemy", nemesis of EU. Insulin shock tactics, trying to fool the public, catching on false rumours...
Take this article by The Telegraph, for example. This illustrates very clearly of the ignorant and brainwashed nation, in this case where a journalist decided to resign, and live on air!

She could no longer work for a Moscow-funded network which she accused of “whitewashing" the actions of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Haha. Oh, how narrow-minded. Oh, the pettiness. Well, I collect that I’m not the only one thinking this way; if you take a look at the comments below the article, you will see that most of the audience is very biased toward her, stating in the comments that “she must learn about history" and agreeing with RT’s response that it was just a publicity stunt. The network also gave her a chance to go to Crimea to see things for herself. She refused....

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