The Twelve Chairs

I always think about the future. I like to plan. It’s like a subconscious thing. People who plan ahead are believed to have a higher chance of getting a heart attack. Oh, statistics. There are lies, damned lies, and then there are statistics - I forgot who said that; I have this tiny book of Oxford quotations which my father gave to my mother on their anniversary and somehow it found its way into my claustrophobic room. I skim-read it, time and again. Right now, I’m reading The Twelve Chairs, a Russian pre-WWII satirical novel. I’m amazed how it wasn’t banned in the Soviet Union.

The last year of school began. Only three subjects to study - Art, English Language and Computing. Then there’s the university. Going to apply very soon. My dream universities - Loughborough, UAL, Surrey. And if I don’t get in, I have a backup plan of attending a vigorous, 3-month web design course that is offered by Shillington. WHY IS EDUCATION SO EXPENSIVE?! It cost £10K to attend Shillington.


It’s gone 6 minutes past midnight and I have this urge to type away on my mechanical keyboard, really fast. I taught myself to type without ever looking at the keyboard. Just like typing away. Going to play typeracer...

$root - whoami
typing titan
Internships and The Future

// Go back in time


// To the future

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