The Results

Came into college first thing this morning, having skipped my usual breakfast and coffee. I was neither happy, nor depressed. Indifference is probably the best attitude to have when waiting for your final grade to come in...

The doors opened, the teachers arrived -


Yup, Merit is what I got. It’s like getting a B. I was striving for a Distinction, though, and I thought I was doing better than most. Artistic talent doesn’t play an important role. A bureaucrat can pass the Art & Design Foundation. All one needs is a will and the ability to sift through bullshit. I’ve had many a conversation with the teachers and, frankly, they told me my work was of a distinctive level. The problem that keeps pulling me back is my research. Goddammit, I tried! I guess they really do like quantity over quality, even though they preach the opposite. Didn’t jump through all the hoops, didn’t tick all of their boxes. You should have seen their Evaluation Assessment Sheet, or some other BS along those lines. Absolute waffle. And they want -- or rather, expect -- the miserable students to cut through that nonsense (someone forgot to K.I.S.S.). Sadists!

However, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy(-ish) with the result. Not the end of the world. I’m going to uni, and that’s what counts at the end of my day!

On a more radiant note, I’ll get to spend three weeks in Russia; flying away on the 14th of July. It will be my first time visiting St. Petersburg. I will have 3 days to wander about the great cultural city with my close friends (yes, I have them).

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