The Repugnant Message

The Wolf of Wall Street is a film not to be considered literally. It is absolutely revolting and outrageous! After watching it the second time, I still cannot find the heart to wholly realize the repugnant and harsh message the film has to carry. Martin Scorsese, you’ve done it again! The film is utterly crude and sick, nonetheless managing to prove its point very well. Oh, the brutal realities of our modern world.

But in watching and analyzing the despicable DiCaprio’s abominable and shameless orgies and deeds, it is simply impossible to keep yourself from laughing out loud. The film is very amusing, farcical. Very controversial, however, with all the explicit, over-the-top lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous. Just imagine DiCaprio as Gekko’s accomplice; greed, lust, quaaludes and hookers. That just sums up the whole film, which is based on the memoirs of Jordan Belfort, a mostly true summarization of his excessively lavish life.

A tad too long (almost 3 hours), the film manages to captivate you and hold you in your seat, puzzled, astonished, awed and disgusted, all at the same time. You just have to admire the credibility of it all. Just think how much money they would have wasted, bashing the Lamborghini up! I guess the film’s budget ($100M) manages to match the style and ambitions of their portrayed character. I have to confess, that’s how I truly believe how stockbrokers are! Either this, or the original 1987 Wall Street with Charlie Sheen.

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