The Interview

The girl with the long, burnt-wood hair was sitting in an uptight manner, maintaining a relaxed, yet cautious atmosphere about her. It was as if Elham did not actually want to complete the interview, and was secretly waiting for the supper at home; the table set out, a range of sweets and cupcakes, she was ready to gobble all up. But she couldn’t, as she was sitting with a lackadaisical smile next to me, ready to do the interview!

"Um, I don’t know!" - She began. I tell you, 70 percent of people whom I’ve interviewed in the past started off with this phrase! Maybe there’s a certain degree of reassurance, a way to calm down, or just buying some time to have a moment to think. The first question was very interesting, and did require a thought -

If you won £5000, what would you do with the money?

Elham replied with an amused laugh, some consideration, and finally, an answer -
"I’d like to spend it on clothes and shoes... give some to my family, and maybe to the charity" - Not bad. I guess there are still people left in the world who think about others.

If you could be anywhere else now, where would you be?

"St. Lucia! On the beach, sunbathing! And of course some food handy" - Food - the most essential part of life, must always be next to you! Elham replied to the question quite enthusiastically, fantasizing and picturing herself in the bikini already.

What would you most like to be good at?

This question did not take a lot of time to be answered - "Singing and dancing. Yep, that’s it" - So simple and straightforward! All a girl ever wants is to be able to sing and dance like Britney Spears, am I not correct?

Who is a real life villain in your opinion?

"The leader of ISIS!" - Nice one, but who, might I ask you, is behind the ISIS organization? I don’t want to sound like a downright conspiracist, but simply put, it’s the USA. They created the Al-Quaeda, and ISIS is their successor. But enough of politics, let’s continue with the interview.

What quality do you most dislike in other people?

Oh, I’ve got a few! "Stuck-up, materialistic, looking down upon others" - Elham was thoughtful. We can all relate, can’t we?

Time is running out, the interview is at an end. I guess I’ve learned a few things about Elham.


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