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What can I say? I’m not surprised! The only reason why I even decided to take a shot at The Interview was because of the media craze surrounding it. That, and for the scene where Kim Jong Un gets annihilated.

Other than that, the film is utter rubbish, trash, hypocritical and very, very controversial (my favourite part). However it’s not without its moments; amusing, quite funny - the stupid, slapstick funny that a 10 year old at most deserves, not to mention the excess amount of lavatorial humour involved.

Oh, and James Franco makes me sick with his feeble and pretentious performances; A Joseph Gordon-Levitt lookalike, he is irresistibly irritating, frustrating, disgusting and perverted! I could almost go on forever defining his mawkish, schmaltzy performances in a more eloquent, precise manner, but I’ll stop at this: I see the point, it makes sense, he plays the nonchalant, easy-going and slap-happy TV presenter who, by some irrefutable miracle gets to interview the North Korean dictator, one on one. Kaboom!

Kim Jong-un NUKE!


I’m not going to be captain obvious and point out with my finger all the incredibilities of this movie. I doubt it wasn’t planned ahead. I sympathize with the Koreans. Poor N. Korea. The Interview is the real propaganda here. God, the fake grocery stores with plastic food made me laugh really hard! And the sad part is that a lot of Americans will truly believe that it’s like that in N. Korea! It’s probably like with the American films about Russia - pure bullshit. I can never quite believe what’s true and what’s not :)
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for N. Korea, but not exactly against it, either. I just don’t like America’s attitude towards the world, as a whole.

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