The First Few Weeks

Sometimes, when it’s creeping to 2 in the morning, and the only sound I hear is the whirring of my PC, I begin to feel tired and go to bed. More often than not, that’s the case. But tomorrow is my mother’s birthday, and I promised to write something for her...

Freshers has finished (whew!), and now it’s time for work. The first two weeks have been overwhelming to say the least, in all respects. I found that I do not know how to do my washing, so every time I come down to the laundry, I experiment with the powder I was given, tossing it in varying amounts into the washing machine. So far, my clothes came out clean, which is a good sign, possibly smelling a bit of detergent. When it comes to food, I’m catered; I get to eat fatty lamb and Yorkshire pudding on Sundays, and almost every other day I treat myself to a nice beef hamburger and deep-fried chips and onion rings, and not to forget the salad and banana; thinking about my health! What a treat. The Typography Department of Reading University has been very keen in increasing the workload of its students, promising many interesting and challenging assignments in the near future. I hope that ‘near future’ arrives very soon. Currently, I have some reading to do.
I found a tech job on campus. Had my trial shift last night; worked 7 hours from 20:00 to 02:45. I was being taught how to set up DJ decks at the university nightclub, how to handle them, and told what wires go where. During the night, I sat in the booth above the masses, controlling the lights, increasing the tempo and switching on strobe lights when the beat dropped. After everyone was gone, the equipment was carefully put away, and I cycled home to go to bed, never planning on waking up again. Fortunately, if I’ll get this job, it will only be a couple of nights a week. I'll be able to focus on my studies, etc.

I watched Sunset Boulevard this evening. Exciting stuff. I liked it.

I’ll go sleep, now.

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