The Equalizer

Denzel Washington at his best. You can’t deny the utter ‘epicness’ the film possesses throughout the story, annihilating the evil Russian mafia with a strong, melancholy and concerned face, so full of vengeance and hatred, trying to keep calm while stabbing Russians to death in slow-motion, with Zack Hemsey’s Vengeance playing in the background. Typical Hollywood; Russians are always the sly and dangerous, with thick stupid Americanized accents, always being beaten by Bonds and Thornhills. I mean, of course - the cold war and all, I understand. However, I have to confess, I felt very stupid and slightly abased by the storyline of The Equalizer.

I watched a lot of mafia films from the ‘80s and ‘90s (e.g. The Deer Hunter), and they did not humiliate Russians so openly, they had a sense of respect, although quite trivial. I admire Denzel and the roles he plays, but this went beyond all reason! I’m not living in an era of cold war, but the hatred to Russians grows stronger by the day around the world. These films, the media, the propaganda, the subliminal messages carried by the films (such as the name of the antagonist - Vladimir Pushkin - closely resembles the name of our president - Vladimir Putin!), all work in unison to urge the viewer to hate, to despise the sordid and corrupt Russian civilization! Thank God it’s not like with N. Korea (yet)! They’re scared to openly despise the president on-screen...

Oh, and the plot of this movie is not properly thought-out, either. It’s half-baked. I laughed hard when Denzel trapped the corrupt cop in a car and tried suffocating him by wiring the exhaust fumes into the car itself! And he wasn’t even properly trapped - one arm free, he could’ve opened the door, or reversed, or more!
And the scene when the protagonist lured the whole mafia into one lonely warehouse building set with traps is laughable! Why, if I was the mafia, I’d blow the whole thing up without stepping inside for a moment. Very stupid. Reminds me of Home Alone...

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