The ditch

Dirty, greasy, cold. Lost control; looking ridiculous. Dazed. Astonished and ashamed. Bitter. I fell from my bike into a ditch. Oh, how would I laugh if I was a passerby, a stranger walking past, thinking their thoughts, minding their own business, and then finding me in the ditch in the most peculiar on-bike position ever invented. Haha, they would think, He’s such a fool, he can’t control his bike! And the worst part is that it was my fault all along. I dashed out in front of the car when I wasn’t supposed to. My ridiculous riding skills obviously didn’t appeal to the driver. Well, he thought, better teach him a lesson. You bet he did! Shoved my smug insolence up the place where the sun never dares to shine. To be honest, I’m glad he did. Better stop being so ignorant and aloof as early as possible. Mistkaes happen...

On a sidenote, I’m binge-watching the first series of Dexter, after finishing House of Cards (Series 2).

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