The Deep Web

19th of February, 2014. My best-friend’s birthday. I confess, I wouldn’t have remembered if it wasn’t for the VK calendar app, which notifies me of all my friends’ birthdays and important dates. I managed to create and give him a present right at the last moment (typical nick), even when he lives some 1,782.5 miles away from me. I gave him a doodle. Very simple, a bit of abstract. I think he was very pleased with it. He even made it his profile photo.

Birthdays aside, I found out (in more depth) about TOR, the Deep Web and the .onion TLD yesterday evening, while my parents were out and about. I could get access to the rest of the web with just a simple live distro - Tails, which incorporates the TOR browser into it. It also claims to be the most anonymous linux distro as of right now. I also found out that clearnet, i.e. Google and other search engines only index about 6% of the web. The rest is called the darknet, or, as I have previously stated - the Deep Web. Fascinating. I had access to 94% of the web, unrestricted, anonymous, explicit. With just two clicks, I could navigate to The Hidden Wiki and buy drugs, hire a killer and much, much worse. It’s amazing. I saw the shut-down Silk Road website, displaying the FBI’s warrant for arrest. And the really nice thing is that anyone is free to create their own websites - there are no .onion domain registrars, all you have to do is install TOR on your Windows/Linux box, do a bit of tweaking and you have yourself your own domain! Nice.

Looking forward to hosting lots of these on my DigitalOcean droplet...

$root - whoami
anonymous user

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