The Boondock Saints

Outrageous. The film is pathetic. I couldn’t take it seriously, there was too much hollow “epicness" about it, the uniform alto choir singers stirring in the background, while the so-called saints, the protagonists of the story, are gleefully shooting the “bad guys" around, vigilantes taking justice into their own hands. Pure nonsense! And the way the detective decided to help them... No comment xD

Oh, and Billy Connolly, the Scottish goat-comedian, as the ever-so-epic-and-mysterious “Il Duce", The Duke, helping the protagonists on their killing spree, now that’s funny!

However unrealistic (the way they went about choosing all kinds of weapons for a roll of cash is hilarious), the film managed to deliver. You know, just a stupid action movie that one would want to watch after a long, tiring day on a Saturday with friends. In fact, I’m going to recommend this film to my brother, who absolutely detests complicated, existentialistic plots in films.

If I was a critic on Metacritic, I would give this film 50/100.

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