The Art of Calligraphy

Time passes. The onset of the personal computer and mobile technology enables us to exchange information faster than ever before. Many, therefore, would assume that quills, dip pens, and other traditional methods of writing have become obsolete. But they would be very wrong in saying so, as this reliance on technology has, paradoxically, led many to appreciate the art of calligraphy more than ever before.

Translated from Greek as “beautiful writing", calligraphy is a form of visual art. It is very therapeutic, and good for your health; helping you to relax and take things in at a more considerate and slower rate. But more importantly, it trains the eye, visually; writing out the letter-forms of various typefaces and hands over and over again significantly improves your ability to spot minute details, including quirks and mistakes, leading to a better sense of design and composition. Correctly handling calligraphic equipment helps to improve your level of overall precision and the grace needed to form beautiful, organic marks when using other media.

However, many modern-day calligraphers tend to practise just that - modern calligraphy, and by that I mean calligraphy that breaks many fundamental rules. It can work well for some, and it is much easier to get to grips with, but one cannot simply ignore the more traditional calligraphic hands that act as a foundation to this. Taking the time and effort to learn the fundamental hands, Gothic hands, such as Fraktur, and of course, the Foundational hand, will greatly increase your calligraphic abilities and will set you aside from the people that just practise modern calligraphy.

I recommend that all who wish to study calligraphy equip themselves with one of the most useful books that you will ever come across on the topic - and that is The Calligrapher’s Bible. I would also suggest visiting; lots of guides to print out and finding other great calligraphy resources, such as 19th century books that are in public domain.

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