It’s the time of the year, when you can’t really call it spring, and you cannot call it summer either. The weather is not hot. Summer is always hot. I love summer, who doesn’t. However this year, it’s just rain, rain, rain. I hate cold, I hate rain.
I crave the Russian summer, when I used to run about the village, topless. When the river was warmer than the air. When the inside of our house was cooler than the outside. When the temperature was 35°C.

Half-term. A week to spend on revision for my GCSE exams. I hate to admit the fact that I’m a time-waster. I hate wasting time, however, once again I got myself trapped in the world of games. A game, to be more precise. Grand Theft Auto IV. The most complete game ever created; do what you want, kill, destroy, explode, explore.
When I was 9, my grandparents bought me and my brother an Xbox. I never played games before, never owned any types of consoles (which is good), and it was such an experience, that I got heavily addicted, left my friends behind, spending most of my summer playing shoot-em-up games. It took me a good few years to forget, to resist. I channelled my interest into something more useful. Computers. By the time I was 13, I was deep into hacking, and earned a reputation at school. To confess, I never learned much. Apart from gaining enough skills to burn an .iso of BackTrack onto a USB stick and booting from it to gain access to Windows, I’m just a script-kiddie. Using scripts and tools available online to “hack" into things. Pfft, pathetic! I hope to learn much more, a real computer language, for example. It will take a lot of time and patience, I presume.

$root - whoami

// Go back in time

Snub smile

// To the future

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