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Throughout the past week, I have made many changes to this site. The initial design did not satisfy me, so I decided to start afresh. Since I’m new to Ghost theming, I thought of exporting all of my content over to other blogging platforms (I tried Jekyll and Grav) and start afresh. It was a pain and in the end I decided to stick with Ghost on which I’ve been blogging since 2013 and focus on what’s more important to me - easy writing and easy theme modifications.

Currently, this blog runs on a highly modified Cactus theme. Inspired by the trending Web Brutalism movement, I started off by redesigning my personal homepage -, which is pure monospace typography and a couple of images. However, this blog has evolved into something more. It’s not very brutal, per se, as there is relatively a large amount of CSS accompanying the design and many neat transitions. But I decided to use Georgia as my main font and not rely on any big font foundries. It’s a big sacrifice, but speed is very important to me and Georgia is a favourite among many web designers, worldwide. I’m still in the process of finding and fixing style bugs, so you may encounter errors or whatnot, at this moment.

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