Someday, I’ll publish a book. Today’s not that day, however :)

There’s a film poster project I’m working on. The design’s quite, uh, simple. See for yourself —

The Swimmer film poster minimal

They are ripples that resemble a face. I hope that’s obvious enough. Getting the curves right is the hard bit...
It’s a work-in-progress, I’ll be coming up with other ideas, soon.

Why did I choose to design a poster for this film? I was given a fine choice, and I chose The Swimmer. It’s the title. It has to be. Who would want to watch a film with such a title? I would; tired of Kubrick’s Space Odyssey. Wanted to try something new, something conceptual, challenging. I liked the film, although it had this outdated feel to it. Cheesy, contrived acting. There’s something about that. Anyway, I’ll be making more doodles and experimentations. That poster is too minimal. Am I just being a lazy ass? Sticking to Futura, playing around with bézier curves. I guess so.

I wanna create something more palpable...

$root - whoami
minimalist maniac
This is the End

// Go back in time

Face об Table

// To the future

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