So it begins...

Dear Notepad,

I had an overwhelmingly fascinating time this week. I don’t even know where to begin. Hmm...

You might notice that the design of the site is different. That’s because I have migrated to the new viral blogging platform Ghost. If you’re familiar with it, then you might say - “Hey, I see you’re on a shared hosting plan, and you need node.js to be able to run it, and root privileges to be able to install it! “ - and guess what, this website is on (mt)’s VPS hosting plan, meaning that I do indeed have a whole server to myself with root privileges! Not only did I change the design of the site, but I also migrated to a VPS hosting plan. Frankly, I cannot afford such a plan (prices starting from $50/mo), but I’m in luck. Tremendous luck.

It all began by my relatives in Moscow deciding to start a business - teaching English to the Muscovites, as the language is very much wanted, and people who know the language are in a big advantage.

Not really sure where to start, they began by making a website, advertising their local business. However, when I looked at their site, it looked terrible. Atrociously spammy and tasteless. I told them that. So they decided to “employ" me as their first hand Web designer/developer and an SEO consultant. Well, I took advantage and started off by saying -

Good hosting is the first step to #1 rankings

That’s when I told them to switch from their pathetic Ukrainian hosting providers and get the enterprise solution - Mediatemple (mt) VPS hosting plan. They went for it and made me in charge of everything. Of course, I set up their website, worked on it for a whole week, but now comes the good part - I can do whatever I like, so long as the website is up and running and in good shape!

Tremendous luck...

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27th November, 2013 // 18:46:45

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