Seasonal Affective Disorder, they call it. SAD, haha. Mood swings. I found that I like listening to music that I listened to when I was 13. Placebo, A&B, The Offspring, Limp Bizkit. Also some Russian Rock. I love it.

Black Mirror is uncanny. Once, after watching one of the episodes, I hastily switched off my PC and went outside. Ah, fresh air, social interaction! I need to spend more time reading books. I keep writing about that. My grandfather told me that if I want to become a writer, I should immediately stop reading and just write, write, write. I’ve no intention of becoming a writer, though. Not yet, anyway. Might as well catch up on great literature. Began reading Master and Margarita.

I miss Russia.

I feel just like that guy in my 5 minute illustration.

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One of Those Days

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