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It turned out there’s a Russian Reading Language Society at the University of Reading. As you would’ve guessed, I joined it, and made some friends. Most of the Russians here are studying business and finance-related courses, and a few are completing their MAs. Interesting lot, and a welcome change of atmosphere, after having spent the first two weeks going clubbing and enjoying the Freshers’ Fayre and all that comes with it. Not that I’m against Freshers, maybe I just miss my
language, and the people.

Today, the society organised a Welcome Dinner at the town centre. More than 30 people came, all new faces. A few of them came from the Moscow State Institute for International Relations; the girl who sat next to me asked me about my life abroad and all that. She was the only one who watched Tarkovsky’s Solaris and who could relate to this from the people that I’ve encountered over the 17 years I’ve spent living in England. Also pondered about the various cultural differences that go with living in the UK, and the fact that the Brits don’t know how to drink. That is, they drink a lot, but never know when to say no. Graceless and tasteless. I guess it also has something to do with the age.

By the way, I also joined the Reading University Rowing Society - quite a challenge!

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