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Your account has been disabled. Please contact the Administrator

Did you hear that? My account has been disabled. What a joke! I have been banned from the school computers for “hacking". But I wasn’t. Rumours go that I’m a hacker around the school. Some have chosen to believe this hearsay... teachers counting, too. Which lead them to take drastic measures, out of ignorance. "I see he opened up a command line, with lots of strange letters that don’t mean no sense to me. I’ve heard he’s a hacker, I must take care of this!" - and take care he did; N has been dissapointed with me during the lesson. I have been lazy, least productive (which is true). I didn’t complete any of my work, and after the lesson finished, N caught me “red-handed" - I was hacking the school. Haha. What a load.
To tell you the truth, what I did was technically allowed by the school itself. If I was able to open up a powershell, then it’s the school’s fault for not blocking it. I did worse things in Year 7...

... Oh yes, I forgot - I also had the TOR browser opened up, which is literally the most anonymous browser in the world. In fact, so anonymous that the NSA has problems tracking down TOR users - it took them eight months to track down just 24 users!

P.S. - The school disabling my user account will not stop me from using their computers. Here comes Linux handy!

$root - whoami
Windows, such Windows

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