Roman Holiday

The perfect end, to a perfect film. So sweet and glorious, so delightfully charming and heartwarming! God, I love Audrey Hepburn and her impeccable English accent, the finest, most beautiful I’ve ever heard (hopefully, I’m by far not the only one who thinks so).
And in the final scene, as you watch Gregory Peck slowly, methodically, thoughtfully trail off into the end with gleaming eyes, you subconciously wish for the princess to come running out. Better yet, you expect her to come running out and grant the film a happy ending. But a princess is a princess, and classes are classes. This is not Disney, and it’s good that way. I repeat, it’s an absolutely perfect ending! You could judge it to be a very happy one, too. An experience both of them will never forget for the years to come. What a classic, love it!

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