Reading Museum Pictograms

I made a booklet – an imaginary pitch for the Reading Museum – as part of my university project. Although a tad lacking in content, I like what I came up with, nonetheless; the most important thing – the pictograms – is there. The first page, yellow, bold, and outgoing —


For the whole project, I made use of the Nocturno Display Pro font family; it’s modern, stylish, and retains an elegant and moderately formal quality – just what the museum needs, and far better than *scoff* Gill Sans! I’ll flood the rest of this post with screenshots from the rest of my project.








You can see that I’m in love with my Mac’s native screenshot capabilities, with the awesome shadows that you don’t get on Windows. I guess you internet lurkers will have to dismiss my Best viewed in Adobe Acrobat message at the end, as a PDF is hard to accommodate on the web; these screenshots will suffice...

$root - whoami
pictogram procrastinator
Dazed and Confused

// Go back in time

Merry Christmas!

// To the future

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