Phatic Prom

School has finished. I attended a prom, where one of the teachers greeted me with a smile and gave me a strange compliment - “You look dapping, Nick!" - I looked a bit out of place, as my jacket was of a lighter colour in comparison to the other guests’ suits.

Apart from taking (very) many photos with my parents and eating bland food, there wasn’t much to do. The fun part was going to a local night club for free (surprisingly, the visit was sponsored by the school itself). It was very exhilarating, even though the music wasn’t very good.

All I have left now is two more exams - Computing and Russian - and then I am off to Russia for a whole month. If I get the required grades, I’ll be leaving to Lancaster Uni to study Design Interactions for the next three years!

З.Ы. I’ve finished reading The Twelve Chairs :) I absolutely loved it and am now watching the 1977 film adaptation, featuring Mironov as Ostap Bender.

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