Pen Ponder

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My pens. They are, after all, a necessary part of my artistic life (or anyone’s, for that matter.) Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do the Inktober Challenge, even though my phone broke in the process. I’m confused as to why I’m supposed to document all my pens, and I’m writing long-winded sentences to relieve my stress from the fact that my phone broke. Oh, God. Tautology...

My everyday pens. The staple of my imagination’s outcomes is the excellent line of Faber Castell pens. They are truly wondrous.

One aspect in which the Faber Castell pens falter is calligraphy; their C pens lose their edge quite quickly. That’s where the PILOT Parallel pens come into play. Whenever I want to write something out quickly and effortlessly, I always use these. However, they too have their faults. For example, you can’t write shit in moleskines or on thin paper using these - the ink bleeds badly.

Next comes the dip pen, with the interchangeable nibs. A very traditional method of writing, I use it exclusively for calligraphy work. It’s very good for gothic hands.

I think that’s all the pens that I’ll write about, for now.

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