One of Those Nights

I came to the realisation that I cannot draw. It is very disconcerting and sad to have to come to this conclusion. But I’m in no way disheartened by this thought. After all these years, there is only one way for me, and that way is forward. I have to persist, keep practising, evolve.

I have found that I’m never content with what I have. I cannot be happy without justifying my feeling of happiness. That is sad.

Drawing helps. Drawing always helps. I have found that my desire to draw has grown very steadily over the years... as it should have. I have always been so bold and so confident of myself and my abilities, I never cared for the opinions of other people. Now, I’m beginning to really doubt myself and my talent. There is no turning back now, yet I sincerely love it, it makes me happy. I just need to practise.

It’s 3 in the morning and I’m wide awake. It was a very tiring day. What’s wrong with me?

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