On the Consequences of Forgetting Things

To forget. That’s what I do. That’s who I am. That’s what many people do. I differ from most people in this respect, as I am pathologically forgetful, probably because of my medicine. Sometimes, I worry about myself. But it’s not always so bad; it’s a double-edged sword. Forgetting means that I can watch the same movie or TV Show many times and not grow bored of the experience. However, following the expiration of my previous domain on which this blog used to reside - notepad.li - has led me to believe that forgetting things still remains to be a very inconvenient and fretful affair.

I forgot to renew the domain. It meant that it expired and went on into a ‘redemption period’, where instead of paying the initial $30 for a yearly renewal, I first had to pay a fine of $180!

Nope, fuck that, I said. Lemme get a new domain and forget about notepad.li. I bought myself a fancy new TLD - notepad.blog. I like it, and it’s more suited to my needs. Who needs an international TLD, when you can have a generic .BLOG? Hurrah!

I guess forgetting’s not a properly balanced double-edged sword; mostly it just results in bad or horrible things happening to you...


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