On the Benefits of Having a Phone

In late September, I lost something which many cannot survive without for a day. It’s a phone. The first month after breaking it, I felt like I lost my left hand. That’s how attached I grew to it. I remember constantly checking my left pocket to see if my phone was there, and realising the contrary, I experienced a mini heart attack. I wonder how it’s like for other people...

Anyway, disregarding the above existential/materialistic nonsense that I just had to put in there, I’m extremely happy to say that after spending 3 months without a phone (which I spent working for it) and defeating my phone withdrawal symptoms, my OnePlus 3T has arrived two days ago. Over those couple of days, I’ve already managed to hard-brick the phone

and *un*brick it with the help of the internet (Wheew 😅),

and now it’s running a perfect combination of the native OnePlus OxygenOS, with TWRP recovery and root.


$root - whoami
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Cargo 200

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