On Not Doing Anything

Sitting at home the third day, being ill. I haven’t achieved anything, there’s no immediate purpose formed in my head, and I’m depressed. That cold got to me. Acheew, Goddammit! I’m not even drawing as much as I’m supposed to; after a dull day of procrastination (which included playing Fallout 4 and binge-watching Family Guy in my tiny room), I suddenly get this urge at 01:00 AM to start drawing. I don’t know what’s got into me...

It’s nearly 02:00 AM, and I’m listening to Russian Rock. It’s so lovely and thought-provoking. God, I’m sniffing so hard right now. My nose is aching badly. Argh, I’m imagining what’d happen to my nose if I was a coke addict. Sorry, I wouldn’t know anything about that, I’m just crazy about Mafia films! I’ve literally watched all of them. Finished watching Carlito’s Way, a few hours ago. The other day, I was watching The Deer Hunter, and before that it was Goodfellas. Sometimes, when I watch a film, I pause it and take some 20-30 minutes to sketch the situation out with my new Conté pencil. I’m new to this interesting medium and it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s like a mix of graphite and charcoal, but it’s not quite either of those things. It doesn’t brake as easily as an 8B Faber-Castell (very good), but it does make a slightly annoying sound when you make your marks on the paper, and you get this tingly sensation down your spine. And it’s not very smudgy, which might be a good and bad thing.

Cough, goodnight, lurkers!

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