On Indifference

Days go by and nothing changes. Things happen around me and apathy is my game. It’s past Groundhog Day stage. I am confident in that I sincerely don’t care about anything or anybody. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn... I have always been called independent, but this is not independence. I used to enjoy moments of peace and quiet, but a lack of simple speaking can be downright frightening. I am doubting the course I took. There is nothing on this earth that I have ever loved more than what I practise. It is challenging and it is beautiful. I have something to aspire to, to look forward to every day, but the course I took is letting me down; there is not enough contact time and not enough work set. The only exam that there was has passed, and now there are worldly matters to be taken care of...

Constant feelings of disappointment and regret follow me around in most of my undertakings, knowing that there is something better, that I could’ve tried harder, found a better pair of shoes to wear, picked a finer book to read, etc. — this abhorrent attitude has been steadily growing in me and it is absolutely devastating. Watching a TED Talk was inspiring. What I am about to state, or rather, what the guy in the talk stated, is really a case of the good old common sense, and that is to simply lower your expectations. If things are bad and your expectations are more so, then a small improvement will come as a pleasant surprise.

Maybe I’m simply drunk on tiredness.

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