Old Photos

I recovered a few photos, which I took quite a while back, of my little brother. I like them :)

The first one is amazing. It was at the time, when I just began doing photography and got my first DSLR, equipped with a kit lens. I wanted to take a still of somebody, so I called for my little brother out of his room. He opened the door, evidently expecting someone taller to look upon him. That’s when I took the shot.

I was new to Photoshop at that time and was messing about with the cloning tool. You don’t have to look closely to spot the horrendous, white blemishes around his little face. I couldn’t find the original, otherwise I would’ve redone it. But I love the photo!

Again, I was messing around with Photoshop and layering on grunge texture packs. I like my use of selective colour, though.

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