A couple of days back, I registered a domain name. As the title of this post suggests, it’s Why? First of all because I became tired of typing in the long, dreary subdomain which used to host my blog ( Secondly, because I like the domain extension .li, and also because it was the only available one, as all the rest of the notepad.TLDs were taken. You have to agree, it’s a very nice and easy name. I’m in a bit of luck for getting it first. Hate cybersquatters!

But, oh, the registrar whom I bought the domain through is absolutely terrible. 101domain is extremely slow getting the orders processed, unorganized and their overall site design seems out-of-date, as if they hired a web designer from the 90’s. However, as much as I don’t like them, they are one of the few domain registrars that allow you to register (literally) any type of .TLDs there currently are on offer -

Featuring 3084 Domain Name Extensions

- ranging from generic .coms to the most peculiar ccTLDs, such as the .cg (Republic of Congo), which, mind you, cost $445 per domain. Hmm, a poor, African country. Where else could they rip some money off? I can understand..

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