Vices of WiFi

You begin to understand that you have had enough when you’re being forcefully dragged from your computer and to bed every evening, as the last resort of switching off the home router does not work; here comes my phone handy, with its hotspot functionality and mobile data.

Today is Friday, and I would like to dedicate my insolent late evening to writing. Since I woke up perplexingly late, I do not care for the necessities of sleep, but would be glad to retain my desire to go and read and prepare for bed, so long as I enlighten you with the notion that WiFi is bad; it is an inherent source of evil and, unlike any other vice that one may come across in life, it is exceptionally addicting, free of rule and order. Frustratingly so. I hate to admit this, but I’m beginning to feel like a sad and forlorn techno-fundamentalist; inspired by mum, I try and fight my way through the righteous paths of the clearnet, adhering to its thought-provoking and indispensable qualities.

Wish me Godspeed and good luck, as I embark on a fantastic and corageous journey of fortune and fortitude! I will be happy to dismiss the utter existence of the fascinating idea of the darknet, which had entangled my blissful ignorance earlier on, and showed me that Google is just the tip of the iceberg, that 96 per cent of the Internet is untraceable and unindexed universe of sordid, gory information that is not designed to be seen by the happy-go-round John Doe.

But enough of that, I am going to bed. Good night and good luck!

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