Did you know that there’s a new gTLD .camera? And that it’s available to the public? Well, I’m proud to announce that I’m the first person in history of the world to acquire the domain! Soon, I will move my old photography website (which I haven’t updated for a long time) to my new one, and change the platform on which I’m administering the website from WordPress to MODx, a higher, better and lighter CMS, which is not as bulky and which is extremely customizable, when compared to WordPress.

That said, I hope I won’t be bothered by Nickelodeon Inc. for acquiring a domain name which is covered by their trademark policy, as I have been warned when buying the domain that Nickelodeon has the right to acquire that domain whenever they wish to do so, i.e. “to protect their brand from cybersquatters and imitations". Sad Face.

$root - whoami
gtld acquirer
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