New Domain... Again

I found out that I’ve registered yet another domain, focused on the precious me - I didn’t even plan on buying it...

It all started back in February 2014, when ICANN or IANA (or whatever force behind the web) decided to roll out (and what a good decision that was) new .TLDs, such as .wtf, or .xyz, as a lot of .COMs and .NETs have been cybersquatted to such a stagnating extent, that anyone who had an idea of a new business or a startup of, e.g. selling soap to consumers, wouldn’t be able to register an original domain name, which would fit their brand perfectly. Instead, they would have to use dashes, or insert get or the in front, i.e., instead of just
Luckily, the wizards and clever minds who power the Internet, had an overwhelming amount of requests for new .TLDs. Some got rejected (such as the .BERLIN extension), some would be here to stay forever. Can’t say. Anyway, there were the .CAMERA and the .PICS .TLDs which I wanted for my photography portfolio. I therefore pre-registered and (for free). When the time came, and after the sunrise period has ended, I registered my .CAMERA domain... But then I forgot about my .PICS reservation.

Now I come and check my account dashboard, and there it is - - registered and active. Well, I won’t let it expire just yet. I’ll leave it for future use and 301 forward it to for now.

Time to go to bed.

$root - whoami
ipv6 welcomer
It was a good choice

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